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Ecoproof fully encapsulates asbestos leaving a safe environment with minimal disruption

Encapsulating Asbestos

EcoProof can extend the life of an asbestos roof by completely encapsulating the surface. Using an instant set spray applied membrane EcoProof can protect against further degradation, movement, vibration, and accidental damage in a single coat.

HSE Approved Cleaning

Our HSE Approved Cleaning System can provide you with the complete asbestos encapsulation package. Using state-of-the-art filtration systems which remove 98.6% of traceable solids after a single cycle of washing and filtration before the waste water reaches the drainage system. All cleaning and filtration is carried out within strict HSE guidelines.

Spray Application = Minimal Disruption

Instant Set Spray Grade is a high performance membrane that surfaces cures immediately providing instant encapsulation. Due to the nature of the system up to 800SQ/M per day can be applied significantly reducing labour times meaning time on site is significantly reduced.